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Take part in our professional activities

To serve a coffee that is always fresh and of good quality is our company’s philosophy carried forward throughout four generations.

Quarta caffè makes use of the best trainers highly skilled in what concerns all training courses dedicated to barmen and sector specialists, making sure to promote coffee culture and train new operators. Hence, barmen can master their knowledge of the product and the coffee sector, update their techniques to offer the best sensorial experience in the cup to their clients.



Throughout the whole year, Quarta Caffe’ schedules in its own building training activities from the Research and development department of the company, directed by Edoardo Quarta.

Personally following the preparation of the barmen is our trainer Angelo Segoni, Italian Barista Champion in 2016.

Course Number of participants Price
Perfect Espresso - basic 20 Free
Perfect espresso: advanced 8 50 euros
Perfect Cappuccino 6 max 70 euros
Milk Art 6 max 150 euros

There are two sessions:

  • Morning: 09:00 - 13:30
  • Afternoon: 14:00 - 19:00

For more information you can call the number: (+39) 0832.305326

Perfect Espresso - basic

Perfect Espresso - basic

Objective: give barmen complete professional training, from knowing the product to the barista role.

Program: understanding of all the coffee sector, creation of a recipe for the perfect espresso, function of all bar equipment, barista role.

  • Type of course: theoretic
  • Length: 5 hours
  • Recipients: bar operators
  • Number of participants: 20 max
  • Cost: free

Espresso Perfetto Avanzato

Perfect espresso: advanced

Objective: study and learning of technical barman equipment, and practical realization of the perfect espresso.

Program: creation of the working team, knowledge of all the barman equipment, regulation of grinding, barista technique, control and maintenance of the coffee machine and grinder.

  • Type of course: practical/theoretical
  • Length: 5 hours
  • Recipients: barmen who attended the Perfect Espresso course
  • Number of participants: 12/14 max
  • Cost: 50 Euros

Perfect Cappuccino

Perfect Cappuccino

Objective: study of barman equipment, milk frothiness techniques, realization of two identical cappuccinos.

Program: quality and processing of milk, classic cappuccino technique, reproduction of the initial design techniques for the cappuccino.

  • Type of course: practical/theoretical
  • Length: 5 hours
  • Recipients: barmen who attended the Perfect Espresso course, basic and advanced
  • Number of participants: 8 max
  • Cost: 70 Euros

Milk art

Milk art

Objective: teach barmen the preparation techniques of cappuccinos following the rules of Milk Art with all decorations and designs.

Program: practical and theoretical comprehension of free pouring and various textures of coffee cream and milk, realization of main designs using the free pouring technique (heart and small rose).

  • Type of course: practical/theoretical
  • Length: 10 hours
  • Recipients: barmen
  • Number of participants: 8 max
  • Cost: 150 Euros

Intervista comunicaffè

Intervista Comunicaffè con Antonio Quarta

MILANO - La torrefazione Quarta caffè è restata aperta durante l’estate con la sospensione delle ferie, ad agosto, concordata con i collaboratori del settore della distribuzione. Cosa abbastanza straordinaria tra gli operatori della torrefazione del caffè.

Scopriamo assieme il motivo di questa apertura estiva, con il patron Antonio Quarta. Leggi di più »